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Crete Photo Tour October 3 - 10, 2023 Now fully booked

£1845.00 GBP

I moved to Crete in October 2020 and since then have been thoroughly enjoying getting out and about into this glorious landscape. It has been wonderful to make images 'just for me' without being concerned about what other people might think of them. I now feel I know the island well enough to be able to offer a photo tour - come and join me and experience the enchantment of this wonderful place!

We will be based in Kalyves on the north coast of Crete, hopefully staying at the top notch Kalyves Beach Hotel with the sea just 60 metres away. (If not available, a hotel of equal standard.) Kalyves  is a thriving and traditional small town that has all the facilities you may need but isn't too 'touristy'. It also has easy access to Chania and 'Rethymnon - two stunning small towns with wonderful venetian architechture and quaint typically greek alleyways. We will certainly be spending some time photographing in these places!

The tour is designed to be a mixture of impressionist and straight landscape photography. So for those of you that enjoy my impressionist work there will be ample tuition about how to achieve this and plenty of opportunity to practice. I have recently started producing this kind of image on my mobile phone as well - quite amazing what they can now achieve - so we can learn about that as well. However, you can't come to Crete without enjoying some standard landscape photography and we will visit plenty of great locations that will enable us to do this. Of course I can provide tuition about this as well if you feel that is what you need. 

Exertion Level - easy

Gear - just bring what you can carry on your flight - we will work with whatever 

              you have and we won't be walking too far from the van

Travel Insurance - please make sure you have this, and that it covers you should you get ill with anything - including covid - and can't come at the last minute. Please see the terms and conditions page regarding cancellation.

Flights - preferably fly in to Chania airport, which is only half an hour from Kalyves.                       There are direct flights from London airports and from Manchester.

                    Nearer the time, I will advise of what time I would like you to arrive by, 

                    and then I will arrange to pick you up from the airport and take you to 

                    your hotel.

Balance due - July 25th 2023

Monthly payments may be  possible, please email me to discuss -

All in all this will be a great learning opportunity in a stunning location. Come and join me and experience the wonders of impressionist photography as well as the wonders of Crete! :-) :-)

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