Landscape Photography as Art

I am a retired professional landscape photographer who now lives in Crete.
Having spent many years teaching photography via workshops and tours, I have now settled down to an idyllic life of retirement and am revelling in the joy of creating images again 'just for fun'! 

I specialise in creating 'impressionist' images which I strive to make in camera rather than in photoshop. To do this, I use the multiple exposure facility of my camera and intentional camera movement. The resulting images are soft, fluffy, pointillistic and sometimes downright blurry - and are meant to be so! If you love the impressionist painters, then you will probably like my work - and if not, well that's fine, we're all different. 

I am also now beginning to make images of Greece, which I call 'Embracing the Blue' and this will be a developing and expanding body of work. 

Above all I simply hope that you enjoy the website.

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