Working from locations across Anglesey - dependant on the tides, position of the sun across the year, and weather - you will be given the opportunity to explore Anglesey's stunning sunset locations - for which our lovely island is renowned.

We will meet at a location which Cheryl will notify you about approximately one week prior to the workshop - this will have enabled Cheryl to have checked the weather and tides, and the best place for where the sun is setting at that time of year. You can then expect 2 - 3 hours of shooting - with the first hour dedicated to teaching you how to get the very best from sunsets.

We will meet at the location one hour prior to sunset.

To get the very best from this shoot, Cheryl recommends that you have some Neutral Density Graduated filters - with at the very least a 3 stop soft line grad.
If you don't have any of these, Cheryl has 2 spare sets which she can loan out, but please make a request for these at the time of booking (in the comments section on the paypal booking page.)
Cheryl can also send you some guidance notes on buying neutral density filters - again please request these at time of booking.

April 1st

May 6th

June 3rd

July 15th

August 5th

Cost = £50 payable on booking

Contact Cheryl

or Tel: 07837014534