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'Photoshop' or 'Lightroom' - they can be baffling!


They can also make a huge difference to your photos.


Have you ever looked at your photo's in camera and thought "yes that's good", then got them home and been disappointed?


I can help you with that.


I offer individual post processing tuition - no sitting in a group being frustrated that they're not going at your pace, or that you're being taught things you already know. With one to one tuition you learn what you need to learn at the pace you need to go!


We can do this on the internet via Skype or zoom. This enables us to make use of these platforms 'share screen' facility (which is very easy I promoise!) - that means you can see my screen while you are learning - I will show you what you need to do and you will then be able to copy it on your own computer - simple.


I also provide a 'workbook' that has simple instructions on how to do all the things we've learned.


Each session lasts between one and one a half hours, which i find is enough to be able to 'get into it' properly, but not so much that it blows your mind! You decide how many sessions you want.


Charge per session is £50.


Contact me on [email protected] or telephone 07837 014534

Photoshop Tuition

Photoshop Tuition