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How does mentoring work?


* We use telephone calls, skype/zoom (including the ‘share screen’ facility when needed), email, and individual face to face sessions if you want them.


* We have an initial discussion to work out ‘where you’re at’ photographically and what you need to develop; Cheryl encourages you to send her a short 'write up'        about this.


* Cheryl then sets an initial project for you to work on; however, this is your ‘workshop’ so if you want to change anything at any point, that’s fine.


* You head off and complete your project and then send the photo’s in to Cheryl together with a short write up about what you did – and why.


* Cheryl takes a detailed look at the photos and gives you an in depth critique of each one; this will take the form of ‘what’s worked well’ and ‘what needs to develop further’ including both technical and artistic expression guidance. This is a detailed piece of work sent to you in written format, and may also include a re- edit of your photos as examples; Cheryl finds that this usually takes at least 2 hours.


* Cheryl will then send these back to you, together with your project for the next month; these projects will obviously build on each other month to month with the aim of improving your photography in a structured and steady way.


* You can change your project each month if you want to.


*Cheryl can give you tuition and demonstrations via skype if needed.


* Your projects can be focused on the ‘making’ of photos out on location, post processing, or both dependent on what you need/want.


How much does it cost?


* The basic cost is £85 for the first 'session' as this includes a skype/zoom session as well as allocation of the first written assignment and the written assessment of that, followed by £65 per 2 month period, payable by direct debit every other month for a minimum 6 month commitment. We can review at the end of 6 months to see if you want to continue, which is entirely at your discretion


* If you then want a face to face session as well, this can be arranged at a mutually convenient time and is at a rate of £25 per hour (a discounted rate because you are a mentee.)


Your commitment is to produce 2 - 4 photo's within 4 weeks of receiving your assignment, and send them in to Cheryl together with your short write up.

Should you fail to complete your assignment within this time frame then that 'session' is counted as missed.


Cheryl's commitment is to assess and send these back to you together with your critique and your following month's assignment, within 4 weeks. Should Cheryl fail to do this then you are entitled to an extra 'session' at no cost.


In this way you will pay £195 per 3 assigments.  


Customer Feedback


This is a very well received service. People value the flexibility if offers as well as the tailored help and the detailed critique that they receive.


Here are some customer comments from a recent mentee:

“What I most appreciated about the process was that our work was completely tailored to what you and I thought I needed to work on based on my actual photos now.


Your detailed critiques at many levels – i.e. including the seeing, compositional, light, technical and post production elements.


Being specific about areas where you could see improvements over the months and also clear about areas I needed to work on more.


Your comments are clear, constructive and encouraging and your joy at seeing people develop is clear.


The lack of bullshit on the ‘could do betters’


Specific homework with a deadline helped give me a structure and focus for my time out taking photos.


Your comments supported me to develop my confidence in areas where I already had some skill and you challenged me to experiment in areas I felt less comfortable.


Being able to work with and discuss both the taking and making elements of photography has helped develop my capacity to get more out of the whole photographic process from seeing to making.


For anyone ready to take their photography to the next level and are looking for a totally tailored approach, I would highly recommend some mentoring sessions with Cheryl.”





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Online Mentoring - A Step by Step approach to developing your skills

A bi - monthly programme designed in collaboration with you, tailored specifically to your needs,

and aimed at helping you to develop photographically; and all from the comfort of your own home!