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Not everyone is comfortable in a group situation, so if you would like one to one tuition I am happy to provide this.


We can agree a mutually convenient date and location and then spend either one day or two looking at your photography in a detailed way. We can also include post processing tuition if that would be helpful.


We will start at 10 a.m. and work through to around 5pm with a break for a light lunch in a local cafe.


Experience has shown me that one to one tuition will give you the opportunity to take a huge step up in your photography as you will have my undivided time and attention and a course that is completely tailored to your needs.


The cost is £200 per day (+ expenses such as my transport cost if I am away from my 'home base' in North Wales.)

NB book your accommodation in plenty of time – Anglesey is very popular

I would recommend that you stay in Beaumaris as this will be convenient for meeting up in the cafe of the Bulkeley Hotel which is on the seafront in Beaumaris. There are often 'deals' on trip advisor for the Bulkeley Hotel and Churchbank, Victoria Cottage and Cleifiog B&B's are all very good, or there is plenty of other accommodation available  - try these websites or, or


Buy your course below (and then e mail me to agree a date & location) or contact me first for further information at [email protected]








































I had an excellent one to one workshop with John a few weeks ago (and indeed another one with Judy yesterday). I am increasingly seeing the benefits of these, so thought a write up from both perspectives would be useful.

So - here you go - I hope it's helpful - and that you enjoy the pic taken at Rhosneigr, as well. Please do get in touch if I can be of help with this.





I have been interested in digital photography for a few years but due to work commitments have not had the time to advance it as I would have liked, but since retiring that has changed. I have read a multitude of photographic books which have helped to improve my knowledge of the subject and its many facets, and above all I have now more opportunity to go out and take and process more photographs.

I felt in order to take my photography to the next level it would be beneficial to go on a course and get some practical tuition from a Photographic Professional for a couple of days and a short break to boot. I looked on the internet at the availability of these photographic workshops which cover every subject imaginable. As my interest lies in landscape I was very pleasantly surprised to see one on my doorstep here in Anglesey, run by Cheryl Hamer.

I arranged a Landscape Photographic Workshop with Cheryl and met her in Beaumaris one fine July morning. The morning began with a coffee and a chat in the cafe so that Cheryl could assess my photographic background and what I expected to get out of the Workshop, I realised at this point the advantage of having this one to one communication as Cheryl was able to establish my abilities and experience in a very short time and planned the day accordingly. The Workshop would be fully customised to suit my needs.

Setting off we began the day with a photo shoot at Penmon point in glorious sunshine and a calm sea. I set my tripod and camera up and started to compose and shoot an image Cheryl had suggested - after she had explained some of the guidelines around composition and why this would make a good photo. The resulting images were then discussed between us on their merits and how they could be adjusted, by composition, exposure etc. this constant attention and expert guidance was invaluable and made for instant improvements.

Following a short break and thanks to Cheryl’s local knowledge we moved to another location on the Menai Straits. Standing knee deep in water I took a number of images as we did previously but this time Cheryl instructed me on the use of Neutral Density Filters and their use in Landscape Photography, penultimately using the Lee Big Stopper. Fortunately as there was just me, Cheryl was able to give me complete use of her Lee Filters.

Being the only individual on the Workshop gave several advantages including time flexibility to enable us to take a break for tea and reconvene at Rhosneigr beach to enjoy the Golden hour shoot, and to see the grand finale a colourful sunset. Prior to this I took several beach images under Cheryl’s’ guidance and experience putting into practice the days’ learning.

As the workshop included Photo Processing, I took advantage of Cheryl’s’ knowledge of Photoshop and we processed some images I took the previous day. As I had used Photoshop Elements previously I found this session extremely helpful in that I could interact with Cheryl and use her as a resource and to ask more questions, something that would not have been possible in a mixed ability workshop.

The Workshop finished at LLanbadrig and Cemlyn taking some more Landscapes and Seascapes continuing the learning and rounding off a couple of very enjoyable days in which I had learnt many things, and all this in beautiful Anglesey. What made it even extra special was getting the individual attention of a Professional Photographer for two days. I would certainly recommend this one to one approach, it was wonderful to have a course entirely customised to my needs and skill level.




For me the main benefit of running a one to one workshop is that I can give my undivided time and attention to the participant. When I am leading a group – even a small one of no more than 6 – it is of course impossible to be ‘with’ everyone all the time. At some point you have to leave people to it, hope they have taken on board what you have already explained, and will be able to put it into action effectively before you can get back to them.

From a tutors point of view it is really ‘liberating’ to be able to assess where that person is ‘starting from’ and then be able to put together one or two days that will really move them on. It is immensely satisfying to see the growth that this can produce in what is really quite a short space of time. So, whilst in ‘absolute’ terms it will obviously cost participants more money, in ‘relative’ terms I do believe that it’s a cost effective ‘deal’ as I’m sure participants would have had to spend a lot more to get the same level of tuition from group courses – where they would probably have to do more than one course to achieve the same level of learning.

I am intending to run more one to one courses for just these reasons, and these can be fixed for mutually convenient dates, so if you are interested do get in touch to discuss further.

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