Are you frustrated with your photography - feel you've reached a plateau and can't seem to progress any further?
There is a way to move on beyond the norm and find a way to really express yourself, and yes - learn to paint with your camera
You can learn to create stunning impressionist photographs in camera using a variety of different techniques.
Free your photographic soul and come on one of my photographic impressionist workshops.

Groups of no more than 4/5

Mainly based in and around Anglesey the stunning coastline and woodlands will enable us to develop a variety of skills.
(Anglesey is very accessible; there is a fast direct train from London, stopping at Bangor, Gwynedd and then there is a good bus service from just outside the station, or you can take a 20 minute taxi ride. There are also good train services from other major UK towns.)

This workshop is aimed at intermediate photographers. I will therefore assume you have a good grasp of the following:-

  • The use of variable apertures and how they affect
  • Depth of Field
  • how to move your focusing point and 'lock' it in position &
  • where you should focus to attain maximum dof
  • exposure control - including 'exposing to the right' and use of your histogram
  • basic compositional guidelines such as the 'rule of thirds' and the use of 'leading lines'
  • a basic understanding of the use of graduated neutral density filters (although we will refine this during this workshop).
  • an undestanding of minimum shutter speeds when hand holding
  • the creative use of white balance - preferably in camera
  • basic post processing skills in either photoshop or lightroom - i.e. levels, curves, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpening, & some

    • 'differential post processing work' on different areas of the picture in whatever way you find most 'comfortable.'
      (If you have any doubts that you have 'mastered' any of the above, you really would be better to do one of my 'ordinary' workshops first.)

      To really be able to further develop your creativity and work out what 'floats your boat' photographically, you need to master a further set of skills. By doing this, you will then be able to cultivate your own photographic style and start to produce more inspirational work.

      So, throughout the course of this workshop we will look at the following:-

      • long exposures - including the use of the Lee 'Big Stopper' (10 stop neutral density filter). This is an essential tool in using some of the other techniques.
      • in camera multiple exposures - please check whether your camera can do this - and try to get a bit familiar with how it does it before the course. (If you are thinking of buying
      • a camera that will do multiple exposures you can find a good search facility and comparison table on the neocamera website.)
      • If your camera doesn't do multiple exposure I will show you how to take images that you can then combine later in photoshop to get an impressionist effect. I will include a one hour skype tutorial on how to do this as part of your workshop fee.
      • creating a 'soft' focus effect in camera (whilst ensuring the picture still looks sharp!)
      • intentional camera movement
      • in the round techniques
        • One of the great joys of this kind of photography is that we are not dependant on the 'right light' or the 'golden hours' - we can create these kinds of pictures in any kind of light and pretty much any kind of weather apart from torrential rain!
          Meet at the coffee shop in the Bulkeley Hotel on the seafront in Beaumaris - time to be notified approx 10 days prior to the workhop and spend the first half an hour or so chatting about 'where we're at' wth our photography and what drew us to this workshop.
          Then it's off out to various locations to start 'playing' with our cameras - indeed letting go of all those previously learnt 'rules' of photography is essential to really beginining to create and make our best work.
          We will work all day with a break for a packed lunch and a further 'coffee stop' as needed and aim to finish around 5 p.m.

          What’s included:
          All tuition.
          A critique of 3 of your photos by e mail after the shoot & follow up by e mail as needed.
          A skype tutorial on photoshop if your camera doesn't do multiple exposure - as indicated above

          What’s excluded:
          Accomodation if you decide to stay overnight.
          Cheryl can transport up to three people during the workshop, so some car sharing may be needed.
          NB book your accommodation in plenty of time – Anglesey is very popular
          If you are staying overnight then Beaumaris will be the most convenient place; Course participants can get a special rate at the Grade II listed Bulkeley Hotel of £87.50 bed, breaskfast, and evening meal - simply tell them you are doing a workshop with me when booking. Churchbank, Victoria Cottage and Cleifiog B&B's are also all very good.
          Alternatively you can check out these websites - or, or
          N.B. We may on occasions need to go to some local gardens - if so, there will be a charge of £7.50 on the door for this.


          All bookings require a minimum £50 deposit.
          The balance is then due 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the workshop.

          Payment of the full amount is needed if you book less than 4 weeks prior to the workshop


          Feb 2nd - seascapes & winter trees / foliage sorry, sold out

          March 4th - Seascapes & hopefully blackthorn blossom

          April 9th, sorry, sold out POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

          April19th, sorry, sold out POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

          April 22nd - hopefully bluebells & wild garlic & perhaps seascapes too 1POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

          May 19th - Seascapes & hopefully hawthorn & cherry blossom - sorry sold out POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

          June 14th - Seascapes & hopefully wild flowers POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

          Aug 25th - 10.30 start - Seascapes & flowers everywhere!! - only 1 place left

          Oct 1st - autumn colour

          Nov 1st - autumn colour

          October Westonbirt Arboretum 2 days 17 - 18th for glorious autumn colour - click here

          November 1st - Seascapes & winter structure & foliage, which actually responds very well to this kind of photography

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  • What should I bring?
  • Equipment
  • What follow up will I get?

Contact Cheryl:-

[email protected]

or Tel: 07837014534