What does 'Level 1' mean?

Groups of no more than 4

Level 1 workshops are suitable for people who are 'absolute beginners' and people who have some understanding of camera settings but feel there are still some things they could do better.

So, an 'absolute beginner' will probably have been using the automatic settings on the camera such as the 'landscape or portrait' buttons.

An 'improver' may have been using some setting like 'aperture priority' or even 'manual' but not feel they are really completely getting the best from these settings.

On these workshops you will learn the following:-

  • The use of variable apertures and how they affect
  • Depth of Field - i.e. how to control how much / little of the picture is in focus.
  • how to move your focusing point and 'lock' it in position &
  • where you should focus to attain maximum DOF
  • exposure control - including 'exposing to the right' and use of your histogram
  • basic compositional guidelines such as the 'rule of thirds' and the use of 'leading lines'
  • a basic understanding of the use of graduated neutral density filters
  • an undestanding of minimum shutter speeds when hand holding
  • the creative use of white balance - preferably in camera
  • basic post processing skills in either photoshop or lightroom - i.e. levels, curves, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpening, & some
  • 'differential post processing work' on particular areas of the picture using whichever technique you find most comfortable (there are lots of different ways of doing it!)
    • A sound understanding of these basic techniques are crucial to you then being able to move on and become more creative with your photography - which is what we then look
      at on my Level 2 workshops.


Specific Level 1 Workshops