Iceland Sept 2016 report

Well I can't believe it's 10 days ago since we returned from our latest Iceland tour. I have to confess I have suffered severe withdrawal symptoms since we returned - the place just gets under your skin!

So, we were very blessed weather wise - we had wonderful moody skies for the first few days, but with very little rain, and then we had four days of lovely sunshine; whilst the latter might not always be the best for photography we were perfectly happy and of course that meant clear skies for the aurora.

As for the latter - well I have never seen such a fantastic aurora, it was bright green and rippling and flowing majestically in front of our eyes. Utterly magical and one of those things that we will all remember for the rest of our lives.

The autumn colour too, was simply stunning. Although I have seen Iceland in autumn twice now, I still remain blown away by the intenstiy of the colour; somehow I expect a place as wild and often barren as Iceland, not to have any autumn colour, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Last but certainly not least, we had another really lovely group of people who enjoyed every minute, got along very well, and did a lot of laughing along the way.
What more can you ask for really?!

So here's a selection of their photographs and also some of mine; more will appear here over the coming weeks as they send them in to me.

Also some of their comments below (again more to come as they send things through to me) :-

As I said in my email a few days ago - I really enjoyed our week in Iceland. It was great being taken to such photogenic places, and marvellous that the guiding came in concert with expert advice and tuition. The good thing is the level of instruction entirely depends on what you want - if you ask, the advice and guidance is instantly available, but if you are confident to fly solo you are left alone to make your own mistakes.

I brought back over 1.5 thousand pictures from the week. Many were duplicates (or minimal variations of the same picture) but my file of processed “keepers” has got 175 items in it. I’m confident that I can use them to make a great photo-book record of the week. I will also print a number for hanging on the wall.

An excellent week that I have already recommended to various people.
Mikes images are numbers 5 - 10 inc.

This was my second trip with Cheryl and once again what a great week. Iceland is a truly amazing country. Cheryl had certainly done her homework and she took us to some wonderful locations. Standing at the tip on a glacier is an experience I will savour for many years. The weather was amazingly kind for us, day after day of sunshine and words cannot describe the aurora we witnessed. All in all a brilliant week and I was a better photographer at the end of the week. Thank you.
Robert's images are numbers 17 - 22 inc. - thanks in particular for the drone no fly zone Robert - we all got sick to death of those didn't we! How very sensible of the Kirkjufell authorities - lets see more!

I just want to say thank you for making my second trip this year to Iceland so memorable.Seeing the beautiful scenery in a different season was wonderful ,the Aurora that we witnessed is imprinted on my mind for as long as I live - A perfect night , thank you 😄. Janet's images are numbers 11 - 16 inc.

THANK YOU Cheryl for the most amazing week , every day has been fantastic, every place you have taken us has been gorgeous and the fabulous sunny weather and stunning aurora show, all made this a trip of a lifetime . Wonderful memories and we got the pics to prove it 😀X