Iceland Feb 2017 Report

Well here I am back from another Iceland photography tour and what an adventure we had.
We landed to it snowing fairly heavily and once we got underway in the van it got steadily heavier, to the point where I made the decision that the priority was to get everyone to the hotel safely up in the 'golden circle' rather that going straight off to do some photography. We managed that OK and by the time we got there the snow had stopped, so after dropping off the bags, we headed across to Gulfoss waterfall for some photography time.
Gulfoss never fails to disappoint of course being simply awesome in size and volume of water and a very happy couple of hours was spent by all.
We were then forecast very high winds for the following day, which meant that the main road along the south coast was closed to all traffic - with gusts of apparently up to 150 mph we were all very pleased to stay put! We did however manage to get along to Geysir for an hour or two before returning to the hotel / local cafe to sit it out.
I was very impressed by everyone's good humour at this and there was a lot of laughing and joking while we waited; this really did characterise the rest of the trip - a really great group of people who took everything in their stride with great good humour - thanks everyone you made my life so much easier.
After that, thankfully, the weather settled down and we had some wonderful photographic light as well as some lovely blue skies from time to time, plus three nights of fabulous aurora on the trot - amazing.
Of course everyone's jaws dropped even further once we got to Jokulsarlon iceberg lagoon and beach - I so love seeing people's reactions to this amazing place. Just the right amount of icebergs this time too!!
We also did the most amazing superjeep tour to an ice cave - and waited it out until the crowds had thinned out. There are simply no words to describe the shere awesomeness of this experience - see my pic opposite.
We even managed to catch up on the day we missed, slotting in two beaches either side of the Vik stacks as well as one of the huge south coast waterfalls (Seljalandsfoss) on the way up to the Snaefellsness peninsula.
So all in all it was another great trip and I so enjoyed showing another group of photographers around this very special place.
So here's a selection of some my photo's from this trip; more from group participants will appear here over the coming weeks as they send them in to me.
(For those of you that don't know me, that's me bottom right in the group pic.)

Also some of their brief verbal / text comments below (again more to come as they send things through to me) :-

What a great workshop, best I have ever been on and worth every penny. The workshop is not just about the amazing locations Cheryl takes you to but for once it was great to have someone who actually passes her photography experience on to you. I not only experienced some marvellous locations but I also came home with much more camera experience and composition expertise. Cheryl's commitment to the workshop driving us around Iceland, ensuring we got to see the entire Itinerary ( even though our first 48 hrs was restricted due to severe weather conditions) was flawless. Both Iceland and the workshop was fantatstic Thank you Cheryl for making this holiday so special and a memory I will never forget

Iceland had been on my wish list for a long time and having finally made it, I can say I am so pleased that I chose to go with Cheryl.

She made it a fantastic experience which exceeded all my hopes, working hard to plan around some bad weather at the start and make some quick changes to the itinerary so that we could get the maximum out of our time there. At each chosen location, Cheryl shared her knowledge and experience and was always on hand to help us get the very best out of the trip.

I was also lucky enough to share it with a fantastic group of people who just added to my time there and I would most certainly not hesitate to travel with Cheryl again.

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip. In spite of “interesting” weather or because of it ? it was a very memorable trip. Thanks to your careful planning we got to see and photograph everything on the original schedule. You worked incredibly hard to make it all happen - and with a smile on your face. The only thing I didn’t like was the crowds of tourists at the most popular sites but that was hardly your fault and we couldn’t miss out on those venues. Maybe the north of Iceland is less popular? If so count me in.

In respect to the trip itself, I have to say it was a trip of a lifetime! The trip was planned excellently, and all the places you took us to were amazing. You led the group really well, and even had a plan for when the weather didn't play ball! Overall, I couldn't have enjoyed it more, and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Thanks again :)

Thanks for great holiday

Thanks again for a wonderful trip

I am struggling to put into words how I feel about the holiday after being back almost two weeks, it’s not easy and I’m still feeling emotional about the whole experience. It was a holiday of a lifetime for me and beyond any expectations I had before the trip. It was all so well planned and you obviously went above and beyond to ensure we made the most of our trip. You were always available to share your knowledge, offer guidance, encouragement, ideas and also enthusiastically share the experience of seeing another spectacular location for the first time. It was great to have such a lovely group and there are many highlights, not least the Aurora and some other very special moments that will stay with me forever. For want of a better phrase, “thanks for a great trip, Cheryl”. I’m very much looking forward to your Blue Ridge mountain trip next. I came home and immediately began researching and planning an Iceland autumn trip, which will unfortunately have to wait, but I’m going back one day! I had delayed this trip, originally planning for winter 2015/2016 and researched other possibilities but your trips are so reasonably priced compared to other photography trips to Iceland and this made it an affordable dream, which I really appreciate. I also know from past experience that I will learn, feel comfortable to ask anything I need to (even repeat questions & reminders) and know you will be happy to help, so thanks for that too.

Great trip Cheryl, thanks so much