Iceland Feb 2016 report

Cold, snowy, icy, crisp and windy, but with lots of atmospheric skies as well as quite a lot of blue ones - just what you would want from a winter trip to this amazing location!

We also had the awesome dancing patterns of the northern lights and were incredibly privileged to see an arctic fox whilst on a superjeep safari off road along the thorsmork valley to visit 'that' volcano that erupted in 2010 (I can neither pronounce it or spell it, but you all know what I mean!)

The icebergs on Jokulsarlon beach were wonderful too and lots of amazing frozen waterfalls and ice stalagtites and stalagmites abounded on the mountainsides and cliff faces.

Last but certainly not least, we had a great group of people who enjoyed every minute and did a lot of laughing along the way.
What more can you ask for really?!

So a selection of their photographs will appear here over the coming weeks. We've only been back a week, so more to come as they get to grips with their shots. (Also a few by me of the group.)

Also some of their comments below (again more to come as they send things through to me) :-

Janet Upton
Hi Cheryl ,i have sent you four of my pictures as you requested .
The Arctic fox made me cry as i felt so privileged to have seen him or her; the iceberg with the pink mountain tops at Jokulsarlon were amazing to see as i was on my own (whilst the rest of the group walked down to the beach area) and in the right place at the right time and captured the moment as the sun rose .
The third and fourth pictures are icebergs in the sea at Jokulsarlon beach, both long exposures with a 10 stop Hitec filter and a 3 stop grad handheld as i had lost my filter holder on the first day .
I need to thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip and take us to such wonderful landscape locations. It really was a trip of a lifetime.

Dave Skinner
As you did with me important to take time to support the beginners on the first whole day. It really helped. Its a bit, oh my god, with the snow and the cold!
You forget everything! Night photography is difficult. I should have practised it more.
It was great. We were lucky with the weather. It was a really good group. It was hectic but fantastic!

Barbara C
Just to say thankyou for organising and leading such a great trip to Iceland. What an amazing place - I truly enjoyed the whole experience and I am thrilled with my photographs. I am not silly enough to think they are all perfect but I feel that I have a great set of pictures of a very memorable place and a lovely group of people.
I hope you have a great time in Majorca. I have to say I would be very interested if you do the Blue Mountains again.......... !
Look forward to seeing you again in the not too distant future.

David W
"The trip to Iceland was a tremendous adventure! It had challenging weather, wonderful scenery and spectacular features. Large waterfalls (some iced over) geysers, glaciers, icebergs, an Arctic fox and a Super-Jeep expedition past some of the famous volcanoes. The hotels were good, the food of a high standard and the phenomenal Aurora Borealis. All enjoyed with a good group, who became great friends! Well done Cheryl."