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There can be no more iconic a photographic destination than Iceland and it's difficult to find the superlatives to really do this place justice. Suffice it to say that my Iceland trips are designed to give us every opportunity to photograph at all the most photogenic locations and also at lots of 'off the beaten track' locations.


In the winter we go at the 'dark' of the moon time - to give us the best chance to capture the aurora. Thankfully, we will also have plenty of opportunity to do sunrises – as well as sunsets and night shoots – since at this time of the year sunrise isn’t until between 9 .40 and 10.00 a.m. – how very civilised!


For the off the beaten track trip to the north of iceland we go in the early summer - before the flies become horrendous at Lake Myvatn, and this gives us ample opportunity to sample the amazing light of the midnight sun.


May 23 - June 2nd 2019


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ICELAND - Land of Ice, Fire, the Aurora Borealis and the Midnight Sun!


If you’ve always wanted to do a fabulous road trip why not join us as we travel along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the USA? Voted “America’s favourite drive” this road follows the uppermost ridge of the Appalachian Mountain chain for 615 miles with seemingly endless views of parallel ranges connected by scattered hills, rivers and lakes.


And yes those mountains really do look blue!


What could be better, a fabulous road trip and the opportunity to photograph the spectacular scenery under expert tuition that will enable you to create pictures that will make you proud to share with other people and bring back amazing memories.

8 days half board  holiday


Oct 21 - 30th 2019


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Giverny - Monet's Magical Gardens - 5 day short break - July/Aug 2019

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Please note that photography holidays are different from workshops. The latter are designed specifically to teach you about photography and I run those at two 'levels' - beginner/improver, and intermediate. Holidays have more of a 'tour' focus - we are 'on the go' getting to a wide variety of locations. As such there is less formal teaching - although

I keep my groups small enough so that I can get around everyone at every location, checking that you are OK, and giving you hands on tuition with anything you might need at that time. Additionally if there is a small group who all need something similar - e.g. long exposure photography, then I will run a session on that.

Your chance to photograph at Monet's legendary gardens - the inspiration behind his water lilies series of paintings - and enjoy tuition from Cheryl about how she creates her impressionist style of photography. What could be better than 3 full days of photography in these inspiring surroundings with time, space, and expert tuition to really enable you to create your best work - photographic bliss!!


We will also have the chance to photograph at some other local locations such as the chateau, castle, lake and gardens of La Roch Guyon, the Moulin de Vernon, and the hill top castle of Gallard. Plus time to visit the Museum of Impressionism as well.

Join me for a wonderful 5 day photographic short break - and lots of lovely French food and wine as well :-)


July 29 - Aug 2nd inc - 5 days - £984


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