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Just a note to thank you so much for the excellent workshop yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt so much. You have a natural ability to to convey information of a fairly technical nature and making it understood, this is quite a skill. We had a great hands on workshop with a good balance of information imparted and practical information.
I have been out today putting as much as I can into practice, your enthusiasm and passion for photography is infectious.
Thank you so much - looking forward to the next workshop.

Thanks for a good and informative day out on Saturday, really enjoyed it. I found your tutorials were explained well and were not difficult to understand. Looking forward to our next outing

Jo - Bulkeley week feedback

As it's been a week since our course finished I thought I should send a little feedback - hope it's not too long!

Starting with the hotel, the staff were very friendly, most were aware of the reason for my visit, showed an interest in what we were doing and locations we were visiting throughout the week. The restaurant was excellent from my gluten free point of view, with good food and I was always offered an extra alternative if the menu was limited for me. The DB&B option made life easy after a full day of concentration and learning. The room was spacious, plenty of room to relax, a four-poster and best of all the amazing view across the Menai Strait, so thanks for that.

The course/holiday - I was happy with and needed a 'revision' day. It was a relief to remember that you're easy to talk to and learn from. It certainly felt by the end of the first day that I was back to where I'd left you in January.

I absolutely loved the sunrise at Penmon - I really liked the way you were there for advice and to support me when needed but allowed me to get on alone, and throughout the holiday too.

There's nothing we could do about the weather on our Capel Curig trip, and so it was good that you regularly consulted us to plan our days activity together and adapt as the day unfolded, with plans b or c.

I think the day off on Tuesday was well timed as we'd consolidated our old knowledge & added some new ideas, getting to grips with Depth of Field - focal length - distance - aperture relationship and using the histogram, exposing to the right etc. It allowed us time to relax and have a practice trying to remember everything!

There was a lot to take in on Wednesday because of the good weather forecast, starting with sunrise panoramas, ICM which I enjoyed experimenting with in the forest. I've shown the images to a few people - nobody likes them yet, although one comment made me laugh - 'that's a shame - did you sneeze when you took it?'
I wasn't too sure myself at first but the more I look the more I have thought about it and want to experiment, so thanks. We also tried some soft focus methods, which didn’t work well for me at the second ICM location & so I didn't enjoy that as much. Llandwyn was especially superb - weather, location, the sea - there's so much to do I wish the day had been longer but having said that I was glad of the later start on the Thursday!

I felt more confident with all the soft focus methods we experimented with on Thursday. Looking back, the effects are there in the photos but the composition is lacking, so I'm really keen to take some soft focus photos I'm happier with while it's still relatively fresh. I enjoyed the experimentation in the Penmon Church session too, it was a lovely place to be, when its wet and dull outside.

Finally, Photoshop Friday was fun, I think I asked everything I wanted & hope we didn’t drain you too much! As for the afternoon slide show, as we said on the day – a 10-15 photo limit each depending on numbers would be good. I felt it was very important to get the immediate feedback from you, to see how to improve composition and photoshop work straight away.
Overall, it was lovely to meet you again, and I really enjoyed the holiday, your company and very much appreciate you sharing your knowledge and methods in the way you do. I left Anglesey feeling enthusiastic and feeling certain what I have to do to improve my photography and to challenge myself going forward. I felt we covered the things we wanted and the more I learn, the more I want to learn and correct my mistakes. You've left me with plenty to think about and ideas to explore.

Feedback for Anglesey & Snowdonia Photo Holiday – Nov 2014


What I particularly appreciated

The chance to explore a new area in the company of someone who knows the region well.
The opportunity to try new things photographically
The time to consolidate what I know and to ask questions and have a practical demo re anything I wasn’t sure about
Being left alone to get on with things at my own pace while knowing I could ask you anything anytime
Listening to and learning from the other participants
The challenge of bringing everything together in a slide show in a focussed way in a short time frame
The fact you did this too.
Critiquing each other’s work
Doing PS stuff together side by side and step by step eg the panoramic shot
A comfortable hotel and free evenings
That the work days were not too long and that there was a free day.
Your flexibility and adaptability to our needs and the weather
Your clarity, honesty, humour and humanness!

What I’ve taken away

More confidence ere the technical and compositional basics
More willingness and interest in experimenting both in camera and in post production

A clearer idea re the next steps for me ie becoming more intuitive and skilled at the compositional and technical aspects, creating projects, finding more ways to share my work, learning how to create more complex slideshows with a variety of music and poetry learning the PS bits I can’t do in LR to make the most of my pictures.

So big thank you to you Cheryl. I really enjoyed our time together and I do hope it won’t be the last!


Overall did you enjoy the workshop/holiday?
Enjoyed it very much

What was the best bit?
Learning to treat photography as an “art form” with like-minded people and excellent teacher

Did you learn the things you wanted to – and what were they?
How to use camera. How to take landscape photos which do not look “flat” but have depth.

Did you learn other things that you didn’t realise you needed/wanted to – and what were they?
Use of tripod and filters

Did Cheryl put you at your ease and did you feel you could ask whatever you wanted to?
Yes she did – I never felt awkward or stupid. All my questions were answered in a friendly manner so even if I thought my question was daft it was not treated that way

Laying aside the issue of money, would you come on another workshop or holiday?
Yes definitely. Having come on the course to see if photography was for me it has left me wanting to learn more and improve

Do you have any other comments
Just – Thanks Cheryl for a great time and
Have a Very Happy Christmas and New Year
Cynthia x


Overall did you enjoy the workshop/holiday?
A lot.
I was initially concerned about the mix of expertise but this was not a major problem.

What was the best bit?
Llandwyn Island. I have been visiting it since University in the 1960’s and have always wanted to get a good image – which I now have.

Did you learn the things you wanted to – and what were they?
Yes. Help with filters, composition, long exposures, detailed camera settings for different situations.

Did you learn other things that you didn’t realise you needed/wanted to – and what were they?
Yes. WB changes, multiple exposures.

Did Cheryl put you at your ease and did you feel you could ask whatever you wanted to?

Laying aside the issue of money, would you come on another workshop or holiday?

Do you have any other comments
I have done other courses with smaller numbers and not using own cars. But that is not a fair comparison as they were relatively more expensive. I thought this was good value.

I spent last Thursday in the company of Cheryl Hamer Lrps, She is a very charming Lady and very good Teacher - Roger

"If Cheryl was a lager, she'd probably be the best lager in the world" !! - Silvi.

From someone who has recently also done a course with a famous photography workshop company -
"you teach more and explain better" - Helen

"Firstly I would like to thank you for how much i learnt on the course, it was an amazing day" - Stuart

"What a wonderful experience our day out was, I learnt a lot I did not know about my camera and also lots of other things as well, a brilliant day" - Richard

"thanks again for the workshop. Despite the weather I really enjoyed it and felt it refreshed a lot and taught me new things, as well as giving me confidence. I do appreciate the way you are able to assess where people are in their photography and in themselves, which is insightful and helpful" - Helen

"What a great day everybody enjoyed it very much indeed, explained things so well I just need to remember cafe-whi-fi and I've cracked it!" - Jenny


It's such a beautiful day here and I knew that this tree that leans over the moat was turning a good colour - so at lunchtime I 'downed tools' and went and took some pics.
It's only just beginning really - so for those of you that are coming on a course with me here in a couple of weeks I think there's every chance that it will be 'just right' for when you're here!

Some more great customer feedback from David below too - thanks David, so glad you enjoyed it!
Overall did you enjoy the workshop/holiday? ………
Very Much
What was the best bit?........
Being lucky enough to enjoy tuition for two days from such an excellent, enthusiastic and inspiring professional.
Was there anything that you think would benefit from changing and if so how? Nothing
Did you learn the things you wanted to – and what were they?
Yes, and much much more. Composition, use of filters, photoshop, use of light.
Did you learn other things that you didn’t realise you needed/wanted to – and what were they?
...focusing and aperture, and a bit of everything else across the board
Did Cheryl put you at your ease and did you feel you could ask whatever you wanted to?.
..Yes very much so
Laying aside the issue of money, would you come on another workshop or holiday?....
Most certainly
Do you have any other comments…
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and hope to attend another session in the future, it has inspired me to experiment more with the various techniques you have shown me