Abstractions & Impressions

A gallery of images that are either unashamedly impressionist or abstract - or are veering that way. All (bar 6) of these images have been made entirely in camera * using a variety of techniques such as Multiple Exposure, Intentional Camera Movement and Soft Focus techniques - they have then been minimally enhanced in photoshop in the usual way.

A Sea Symphony

Like all art, our photography develops as we change and progres in our lives.

I have come to realise over the last year or so, that there is more to photography than beautiful landscapes taken in the morning or evening golden hours. Much as I still love those times, and the wonderul light that illuminates our magical world, still I feel there is 'more.'

Similarly, in a way, the golden hours can become a tyranny; I began to feel that I could only take pictures at this time, because anything taken at any other time would not be 'good enough' - would simply not measure up against all those 'wow' pictures that our airwaves are flooded with. The pressure really began to get to me - how on earth could I 'measure up' and keep taking beautiful photos - and surely this wasn't what it was all about? When I started taking photos I didn't feel like I was in a race, I did it for the pure joy of it. Somehow along the way, and striving to make a living from it this got lost - every image had to be 'gorgeous', 'subime', 'a masterpiece' (I wish!!) - whatever words you want to use for it - and so the reason I did it in the first place got lost.

Our world is a truly stunning place - all the little nuances of light and shade, colour and texture - even when it's raining - if we really look there is beauty eveywhere in large and small vistas. These are the things that I think help to give our lives meaning - we are all connected to our universe, it resonates in each of us, with more or less consciousness. Somtimes all of us can have fleeting moments of connection and then they are lost, tiny fragments of 'joy' when we know that all is well and as it should be - and then of course being merely human, we lose it - it was ever thus!

In amongst all this, I began to realise that things needed to change.
I needed to change. I needed to stop trying to 'measure up' and produce work that everone would 'like' and in that much hackneyed phrase - 'be true to myself' and do what I really 'felt.' I'm not saying I'm there yet, but I've got a bit of a grasp of it - I'm headed in the right direction - and hopefully I can keep going that way.

I see joy/beauty/love in so much of what surrounds me. I am truly blessed to be living in the most extraordinary part of the world - Anglesey in North Wales - and this has played an enourmous part in this 'awakening.' The place simply 'sings'.

Other things have played their part too; my discovery of in camera multiple exposures three years ago now (2013) has been extraordinarily liberating in enabling me to express myself and express the spirit of this place in all its forms; it helps me to get away form the tyranny of those golden hours and to really connect with the essence of a place.

I will also be eternally grateful to Joe Cornish and Charlie Waite who woke me up to the 'glow' of the landscape and to it's extraordinary ephemeral beauty. To Joe as well, i'd like to say huge thanks for that course I attended many years ago with you now - and for what you said (paraphrased) "it's not just what you see but what you feel." This was my first exposure to someone saying this and it really 'hit home' - and from there little acorns began to grow!

Over the last three years or so though I am indebted to the 'Landscapes by Women' group who invited me to join them, and by introducing me to some amazing female photograhers exposed me to a world of difference, expression, and the sheer pleasure of the dance of art. My eyes and my heart contine to be opened by your art and your generosity of spirit.

In particular I would like to thank Beata Moore alnd Vanda Ralevska who invited me to join in the first place and have given me so much encouragement over the last few years.

Additionally there have been two people in this group who have really helped to help me to begin to see the world in a different way - so to Michela Griffith and Deborah Hughes - again a big thank you. Your influence and stunning photos are helping me to move beyond the tyranny of the golden hour, to see the spirit within everything around us, and to begin to express myself in a different way.

I feel so priveleged that I have the chance to develop in this way now. Don't 'get me wrong' I still love a 'classic landscape' and will carry on making this kind of picture, but I will be doing 'other stuff(!)' now too.

Just before I 'sign off' this piece, just a few other people to mention. My good friend and arch yorkshiremen Keaton - who has helped me so much in so many ways - a huge thank you.
Also to my sister and brother in law Sally and Keith Bamber for helping out, and reinforcing the idea that I could 'do it'!
Lastly to John Rowell from 'Chasing the Light' - who with one small comment, again helped me to begin to think differently.

And of course to my partner Hazel for 'standing by me' through everything - always - none better, what more can I say!

Lastly I'd like to thank everyone who had been on a workshop with me, or has followed me on facebook or flickr - you have all played your part!

So, that's a bit of a long ramble really isn't it! If you've got this far - well done you!

And so, my photography is moving on - and hopefully that gives you some background as to the 'how and why.'

As a consequence, I'm now putting together this gallery of 'Abstractions and Impressions' - dip in and see what you enjoy and what you don't - and that's fine, some of the images will draw you in, and some won't. I hope you find some delight, or joy, some spiritual connection, some beauty, - or something that makes you stop and look again - and maybe helps you to move on (in whatever way) in your life too!

Ultimately here's to the joy of photography - and above all .....................................


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The Melody of Trees

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Odds 'n Sods!

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