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Photography is my passion.


To me photography is about much more than simply 'taking' a picture of something that looks photogenic! I love being out in the outdoors soaking up the atmosphere of a location. For me it's where I 'connect' with something 'bigger' than myself and my day to day life. I guess there's a spiritual element to it and it feeds my soul.


This picture of me was taken by a friend when three of us were out together on a photo trip. That day  summed up what I think photography is about, and what it does for me.

We set out in the dark to be at the location in the peak district ready for sunrise. To say it was windy and overcast doesn't really capture just how extreme the conditions were and we did wonder if we should go. However in the true spirit of photography we pressed on!


We started walking up one of the 'edges'. The higher we got the windier it became and it got to the point where we were literally being blown over by the wind. At one stage two of us were flat on our backs in the heather with our other friend crouched low against the wind laughing hysterically at us! At this point we decided that discretion was the better part of valour and that we didn't really want to trouble the local mountain rescue team, so we headed back down.


Determined not to waste the sunrise we found a stand of trees and I set about trying to capture their movement in the wind with the sun rising behind them. Of course this was difficult because no matter how much I weighted my tripod or tried to shelter it, it just wouldn't keep still enough. Raising my 'ISO' to get a faster shutter speed just didn't do the job either as of course that simply resulted in 'freezing the frame' which didn't show up the movement of the trees enough. So, interesting pictures, but just too much wind to achieve the effect i wanted.


At this point, feeling somewhat disappointed breakfast called and we were thoroughly fortified with a good fry up in a local cafe. The weather got worse while we were in there -  it started raining even more - so that necessitated a little wander around the local walking shops!


We were still determined not to be put off and the weather forecast was giving us some hope that it might pick up for the afternoon, so we decided to press on.

We had another location lined up for the afternoon 'golden hour' so we headed off up another 'edge' and thankfully the wind was beginning to drop.


It was then that we were rewarded. The light became clearer and much more intense with some really interesting cloud formations and shifts in the tone of the light. This was the 'something bigger' moment and at various points I just sat and watched the awesome beauty of our world unfold before my eyes.


I did however manage some pictures as well. I remember feeling so excited that our perseverance had paid off and that we had the conditions to take some good shots. For me I get a real feeling of elation in these kind of circumstances. I guess it's an adrenalin rush and is probably pretty similar to what a racing driver or other sports person gets when they're performing. Of course you have to harness that elation then - don't just get carried away with the sheer poetry of it all but actually remember all the technical bits that will ensure you really do capture something meaningful from that moment!


So, these are a couple of the shots I took - the first one won a competition - but I prefer the second one - I just love those beams of sunlight illuminating the patterns in the fields!


So there you are, that's a bit about me - not just the 'normal' stuff you would get in a section like this, but I think it tells you more about me in terms of the things that are really important.






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